CAC: The Ultimate Seal Of Quality

CAC: The Ultimate Seal of Quality

In every field, a select few represent the very best of the best. Rare coins are no exception, and Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) makes it easy to spot them at a glance.

Founded by renowned numismatist John Albanese, CAC evaluates coins graded by either PCGS or NGC against extremely high quality criteria for a specific grade. Every coin that meets these criteria is awarded a bright-green CAC seal that is affixed to its holder, which is sealed in a new tamper-evident slab and returned to the owner. In the unusual event that a coin is found to be under-graded, a gold sticker is affixed to it holder.

Since 1988, Blanchard has sold coins that were exclusively selected and approved by CAC founder John Albanese. We now proudly offer CAC-approved coins to guarantee future excellence within the rare coin market. You can ensure that your next purchase is truly premium quality by looking for the CAC seal.