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Golden Glossary of Coin Terminology

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A coin which only a small number exist. See Scarce.

Rarity Scale

Estimate of the surviving population of a coin.

Unique: One known
R-8: Estimated two or three known (Excessively Rare)
R-7: (High) Estimated four to six know (Extremely Rare)
R-7: (Low) Estimated six to 12 known (Very Rare)
R-6: Estimated 13 to 30 known (Rare)
R-5: Estimated 31 to 75 known
R-4: Estimated 76 to 200 known
R-3: Estimated 201 to 500 known
R-2: Estimated 501 to 1,250 known
R-1: Estimated over 1,250 known


A coin that has not been graded, certified, and placed in a tamper-proof capsule by a grading service.

Red Book

A Guide Book of United States Coins.


Any part of coin’s design which is raised. See High Relief, Low Relief.


An area of a coin which has been worked on to fix a defect. Repairs must be mentioned in the description of the coin. See Altered Date, Mint Mark.


A copy so marked as required by law, with an “R” or a “C.” See Copy.


The back of a coin. The side usually opposite from the portrait or date.


A groove in the bottom of an inclined trough or sluice, for arresting gold contained in sands or gravels.

Rim Nick

An abrasion or cut into the rim or edge of a coin, usually occurring through contact with another coin or coins (as in a bag of coins).


Original coins, assembled at the time of manufacture, usually by a bank and then placed into a paper tube. There are, for example, 20 dollars in a roll.