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Golden Glossary of Coin Terminology

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Taler or Thaler

Common name for various European dollar-sized silver coins; predecessors to the dollar.

Three-Cent Nickel

U.S. nickel and silver coin (1869-1889), issued to retire three-cent fractional notes.

Three-Dollar Gold Piece

U.S. gold coin (1854-1889).


Also patina. Coloration upon the surface of a coin caused by the chemical combination of the metal in the coin with other elements over a long period of time, due to place of storage or the sulphur from a paper envelope.

Troy Weight

System of weight primarily used in the United States for precious metals.

Two-Cent Piece

U.S. copper coin (1864-1873).


Major subdivision of a design within a particular denomination; a design change.

Type Set

A type set incorporates all coins sharing single specific characteristics. For example, an American gold type set features one example of each type of all gold coins issued by the U.S. Mint from 1795-1933.