Gold American Eagle coin sales soared 53% in 2015, Mint says

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The U.S. Mints shattered record for sales of its silver American Eagle bullion coins was set on Dec. 15, at which point purchases to authorized wholesalers were halted. The all-time annual high for silver Eagles now stands at 47 million ounces, up almost 7% versus the 2014 record of more than 44 million.

However, sales of the Mints gold bullion coins to authorized purchasers continued through December (except for three denominations that had already sold out in November). Final sales figures are now in for these coins.

Sales of the Mints 2015 gold American Eagle coins hit 801,500 ounces last year. That marks a 52.8% increase over the 2014 sales total of 524,500 ounces.

The Mints other major gold bullion coin, the gold American Buffalo, also enjoyed a strong year. (This coin differs from the gold Eagle in that it is 99.99% gold, as opposed to the gold Eagle, which contains some copper in addition to its full ounce of gold.) The 220,500 ounces sold marked a 24.2% increase over the 177,500 sold in 2014. Last years total was the third-best annual sales performance since the Buffalos introduction in 2006, when 323,000 ounces were sold.

Now that its 2016, get ready for the Mint to roll out new versions of these three bullion coins along with its other offerings of modern proofs and collectibles. Stay tuned to Blanchard and Company for more information on when these 2016 issues will become available later this month.