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Q: What is my coin worth? How do I get it accurately appraised?

A: The value depends on factors such as coin type, condition and whether it is loose or “slabbed,” but there are many ways to receive a quote.

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Inflation Watch: Crude Oil Prices Surge Over 100%

Investment | February 20, 2017

  If you are planning to hit the road for a spring break driving trip – buckle up for higher prices ahead. You’ve probably noticed it already – that slow creep higher at the gasoline pump each time you fill up your tank. Gasoline prices have been steadily rising and are forecast to go even […]

Yellen Testimony: Every Fed Meeting Is Live

Gold | February 16, 2017

Fed Chair Janet Yellen concluded her two days of semi-annual testimony before Congress on Wednesday. The key takeaway for financial markets? Every meeting is “live” and there is potential for an interest rate hike to come as early as March if the economic data supports that. Dancing Around the Date Prior to Yellen’s testimony, the […]

4 Reasons Silver Is Outpacing Gold In 2017

Gold | February 15, 2017

The precious metals sector is off to the races in the first six weeks of 2017, as returns in both gold and silver are beating the S&P 500. The silver market is the best performer –with nearly double the gains seen in gold. Here’s a quick look at the numbers: Silver +11% Gold +6% Copper […]

Stocks Surpass Records, Again

Investment | February 14, 2017

US equity markets extended gains for a third consecutive day on Friday as they continued to climb and make new all-time highs. The Nasdaq 100 composite index closed in positive territory every single day of the last seven consecutive trading days, while the Dow and S&P 500 have experienced a vigorous three-day-long rally. The recent, […]

Four Facts You Need To Know About Bear Markets

Gold | February 13, 2017

Gold prices surged for the second week in a row last week, continuing the strong rally phase that has been in place since late December. The gold and silver markets are on fire since the start of 2017, as investors pour money into the metals arena. Concerns over rising inflation, uncertainty over the impact of […]

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