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How ESG Initiatives Will Drive the Future of Gold Investing

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The importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues to investors is playing an out-sized role in decision-making today. More individuals and businesses are trying to understand how their actions will impact others. An example of this phenomenon can be found in one of the least expected places: a colony of 25 rare chinchillas. The short-haired chinchilla is an endangered species after being hunted to the brink of extinction. However, what makes this particular colony ... >> Read More        
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“What Happens If…” New Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Rules on Election Challenges

Will Supreme Court Rescue Trump Presidency? A global pandemic, wrenching unemployment and political polarization have created one of the most uncertain presidential election environments in modern history.  In late October, polls show the presidential race tightening between President Trump and Democratic nominee Biden. The president has been casting doubt over mail-in ballots for weeks and the Republicans have been busily filing hundreds of lawsuits across the country designed to limit how mail-in ballots can be ... >> Read More        
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Monday Morning Wrap Up – October 26, 2020

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Trick or treat? Halloween is fast approaching. What spooky surprise might be just around the corner? The nation is on edge. Early voting numbers are through the roof. A record number of 52 million Americans have already cast their ballot in this year's U.S. Presidential Election – and we still have another week to go before Election Day. As Americans stream to the polls, there is another looming threat overhanging credit markets. Two of the ... >> Read More        
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“What Happens If…” States are not ready to declare a winner

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It's December: The Nation Is Still Waiting for a Winner Dozens of lawsuits are underway to decide whether or not uncounted mail-in ballots in key battleground states should be counted. It was a rigged election, the Republicans say! So…here we are in early December – and the nation still doesn't know who won the Presidential election in November. Joe Biden won the popular vote easily on Election Day – as the polls predicted he would ... >> Read More        
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Monday Morning Wrap Up – October 19, 2020

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Goldman Sachs says sell U.S. dollar, buy silver. Heading into the U.S. election, Goldman Sachs issued new reports over the past week advising its clients to sell the U.S. dollar and to buy silver. “The risks are skewed toward dollar weakness, and we see relatively low odds of the most dollar-positive outcome -- a win by Mr. Trump combined with a meaningful vaccine delay,” Goldman analysts said. A weaker U.S. dollar is a positive signal ... >> Read More        
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Americans Are Socking Away More Than Ever…But Are Their Savings Safe?

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Americans historically have been terrible at saving. The COVID-19 crisis changed that. Indeed, the COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives in so many ways, including how much we save. Back in 2013, the American personal savings rate stood at a paltry 3%. That compares to Germany (10%), Australia (11%) and France (15%), according to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data. Americans who are still employed in 2020 are saving more during the COVID-19 ... >> Read More        
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“What Happens If…” Biden Wins on Election Night…But Trump Prevails After Mail-in Ballot Count

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Rejected Ballots Deliver Win to Trump. It's Election Night 2020. Democratic contender Joe Biden is ahead in the popular vote as of 9 pm ET. Traditional "Blue" states like Washington, Oregon, California, New York and Illinois have been called for Biden. Key battleground states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania with their rich number of Electoral votes are still undecided. Will those states go to Trump or Biden? Americans across the country are glued to ... >> Read More        
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Monday Morning Wrap Up – October 12, 2020

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Will we get an October surprise? News events are moving at breakneck speed. In the span of one week: President Trump was hospitalized for COVID-19, released and is now back at home in the White House giving re-election rally speeches. The second presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden was cancelled as Trump declined to participate in a virtual debate. The FBI charged six men with a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor ... >> Read More        
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“What Happens If…Trump Wins on Election Night but Biden Prevails After Mail-in Ballot Count”

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The Red Mirage…and Blue Shift  It's Election Day 2020. Tensions are high. Alarm bells have been sounding for weeks with President Trump's repeated statements that mail-in ballots are rigged. Polls in recent weeks have shown that Democrats planned to vote by mail at a much higher rate than Republicans. Indeed, in key swing state Wisconsin, a Marquette University poll revealed that 47% of Democrats plan to vote by mail, while just 18% of Republicans do ... >> Read More        
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Monday Morning Wrap Up – October 5, 2020

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President Trump hospitalized with COVID-19 infection. Last week President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump became infected with COVID-19. On Friday, the president was moved to Walter Reed Medical Center and received an experimental antibody drug treatment through a "compassionate care use" request made by the biotech company Regeneron. A Sunday press conference with White House doctors said the president "feels well" and that he could be discharged as early as Monday. The U.S. stock ... >> Read More