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3 Things Coin Investors Should Know About the Palladium American Eagle

Investment | October 9, 2017

Move on over gold and silver. There’s a new American Eagle coin on the block. For the first time, the United States Mint began offering a one-ounce American Eagle Palladium bullion coin in late September. The new coin is designed to offer investors an easy and cost-effective way to invest and hold physical palladium. Those […]

Avoiding the Technopoly of Trendy Investments

Investment | October 2, 2017

Today, more than ever before, we value technology. The more advanced and sophisticated a piece of technology is, the more we respect it. In his book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, author Neil Postman writes that we live in “a peek-a-boo world, where now this event, now that, pops into view for a […]

2 Reasons All this Debt Is So Scary

Investment | September 27, 2017

Americans rack up highest debt levels in history Debt levels are rising. Not only at the government level, but the personal level too. American consumers recently hit an alarming milestone. Even though the economy is growing, the labor market is supposedly strong, cash-strapped Americans are taking on more debt than ever. Americans now have $1.021 […]

Markets Drive Themselves, Policymakers Ride Shotgun

Investment | September 25, 2017

When predicting investment growth people often look to the current president for clues. Traditionally, people have believed that the political affiliation of the person occupying the oval office drives movements in the financial markets. Is this assumption well-founded? Today’s world bears little resemblance to that of our founders. Simply out, there are more moving parts. […]

Ethereum and the Death Hoax Problem

Investment | September 21, 2017

Russian born Vitalik Buterin is a promising youth. From a young age he displayed incredible aptitude for math, economics and even programming. He excelled as an academic. Eventual he became a recipient of the Thiel Fellowship, a grant of $100,000 offered to bright scholars. The selection rate for this privilege is less than 1%. Buterin […]