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Q: What is my coin worth? How do I get it accurately appraised?

A: The value depends on factors such as coin type, condition and whether it is loose or “slabbed,” but there are many ways to receive a quote.

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The investment performance of Gold and Rare U.S. Coins

How Much Gold Is Needed to Reduce Portfolio Risk?

Investment | April 27, 2017

Conventional wisdom holds that including some commodities, like gold, in your portfolio reduces downside risk. Research supports this theory by illustrating that gold reduces volatility due to its lower correlation to stocks. However, recent work from Sweden reveals a surprising detail about this concept. Researchers at the Umea School of Business discovered that the optimal […]

How Does Trump’s First 100 Days Stock Rally Rate?

Investment | April 26, 2017

The first 100 days of a new President’s administration historically has been viewed as a barometer of the type of governance that will unfold during a four-year term. The historical comparisons harken back to the days after President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office at the height of the Great Depression. Amid economic turmoil and human […]

What’s Going on in the Markets?

Investment | April 25, 2017

In the wake of a smorgasbord of positive earnings from a wide-range of different companies, US stocks were mostly higher for the week. Since tax reform is certainly at the top of every investor’s list, stocks were also buoyed by comments from the Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. He said that the new administration is “pretty […]

Insider Activity Illustrates the Value of Gold

Investment | April 24, 2017

The equities rally is still going strong. Despite a few setbacks the S&P 500 is up 9 percent since the U.S. Presidential election. However, there is one group that hasn’t joined the party: the people running the companies. Corporate insiders are purchasing shares of their business at the slowest rate in 29 years. Meanwhile, their […]

This Is Your Brain on Finance

Investment | April 20, 2017

Today, investors are drowning in data. As a result, more people are resorting to the ease of intuition for a shortcut. It’s easy to see why the idea of intuition is attractive. We’re all familiar with the fun movie cliché of a detective strolling passed the police line while narrating a detailed account of a […]

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