1 oz Gold CombiBar – Valcambi

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1 oz Gold CombiBar - Valcambi
1 oz Gold CombiBar - Valcambi


People have recognized that gold has been valuable for thousands of years. From jewelry and adornments to mirrors and combs for the rich and powerful, gold has been a useful metal.
When gold was first used to represent value, it set a precedent that is still important today. gold became coinage and to work off debts.
As the centuries passed, gold and silver became the payment of choice for all men. No matter what corner of the globe you searched, gold had real value.
Nation after nation, empire after empire, made gold coins or took them from the conquered. Explorers traveled the globe to find gold. Silk, tea, spices, coffee all were valuable – but none more than gold.
An industry developed in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. And companies that could refine the metal, separate it, and purify it became rich just doing that for others. Competition brought innovation.
Fast forward to the 20th Century, and in Switzerland, a company called Valcambi thrived. They refined gold and other precious metals, but they also grew due to innovations.
As the price of gold continued to increase from the standard price of $35 per ounce, gold gained in popularity. By the time gold hit $800+ (1979-1980), refiners and manufacturers were making gold affordable for those who had smaller budgets.
Valcambi continued to innovate and created gold in a variety of not only new sizes, but in ways where the buyers could almost dictate the size that they wanted. They developed the Combi-bar.
Combi-bars allow the owner to buy gold at a certain size, but also to break the bar into equal but much smaller pieces. This innovation especially catered to buyers who realized that buying larger pieces of gold was financially advantageous, but it also allowed them to break it into recognizable sizes that could be spent or traded. This revolutionized the industry and made Valcambi bars very popular.


The Valcambi bars and the individual pieces are each struck from .9999 Fine Gold. This Valcambi bar weighs 1 Troy Ounce, but it can be broken into 10 equal 1/10th ounce pieces. Each 1/10th Troy Ounce piece displays the Valcambi logo, the weight, and the purity of the gold in each portion.
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Year Unknown
Denomination NA
Grade New
Country NA
Grading Service NA
Weight 1/10th Troy Oz Per Piece; 1 Troy Oz Total
Fineness .9999 Fine Gold
Diameter 38 mm Per Coin
Manufacturer Valcambi

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