Morgan $1 Certified MS67 (Date/Types Vary)

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Morgan $1 Certified MS67 (Date/Types Vary)Morgan $1 Certified MS67 (Date/Types Vary)Morgan $1 Certified MS67 (Date/Types Vary)Morgan $1 Certified MS67 (Date/Types Vary)
The Morgan Dollar stands out as a unique numismatic treasure, holding a special place in the hearts of collectors. This coin possesses remarkable dimensions, nearly matching the size of a palm and carrying substantial weight. One might ponder whether its substantial size was simply a response to the abundance of silver circulating during that era. The state of Nevada, home to the prolific Comstock silver lode, was churning out a staggering one million dollars' worth of silver every week. This impressive output, however, brought forth a pressing issue: if a substantial market for this surplus silver wasn't established, Nevada's economic stability would be at risk. In accordance with the time-honored American tradition of political maneuvering, lobbyists sprang into action. Their relentless efforts persuaded the government to mandate that the U.S. Treasury acquire and transform $2 to $4 million worth of silver into silver coinage each month. This monumental task of designing the new silver dollar was entrusted to George T. Morgan, an adept engraver at the U.S. Mint. Morgan's artistic prowess shone through in his design, with Lady Liberty's graceful visage adorning the obverse and a majestic eagle gracing the reverse. His choice to portray Liberty as an American woman, a departure from the customary Greek-inspired figures, marked a significant departure from tradition. Morgan delved into the world of nature studies to craft an entirely fresh eagle design, a much-awaited revitalization of America's silver dollar coinage. The Morgan Dollar saw production from 1878 to 1904, and it re-emerged in 1921. Notably, the year 1894 is the second rarest in its production history, primarily because very few coins from that year entered circulation. Among Morgan Dollars produced at the Philadelphia Mint, Mint State 1894 specimens also rank as the second rarest, adding to the allure of this exceptional coin.

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