Swiss Gold 20 Franc Vrenelli Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)

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Swiss Gold 20 Franc Vrenelli Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)
Swiss Gold 20 Franc Vrenelli Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)
Swiss Gold 20 Franc Vrenelli Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)
Swiss Gold 20 Franc Vrenelli Coin (Circ, Dates Vary)
Gold and Silver coins from Switzerland have always been popular with collectors and investors. Part of the reason is the beauty of their design and precision with which they were made. But another part of the reason is the financial stability of Switzerland through difficult economic times such as inflation and world war. Investors also recognize that even during times of conflict, the Swiss always try to maintain their neutrality.
Switzerland managed to deter any military incursion across their borders even though they were surrounded by warring factions in Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. It did so through its extremely high terrain of the Alps and through a strong military presence in its homeland. Any attack on Switzerland would prove costly for the invaders.
Also, as a very strong financial center in Europe, both sides of most any conflict had financial interests in seeing Switzerland remain neutral. Accordingly, Swiss coinage, especially gold coins were in great demand worldwide, no matter which side was winning any war.
Swiss gold coins are exemplified by the Swiss 20 Franc gold coin, The obverse of this coin depicts a young, female girl, as the national symbol of her country. The coin is nicknamed the “Vreneli” and was designed by Fritz Landry. Behind her one can clearly see the Alps and mountainous terrain. Vreneli was a very popular girl’s name that means ‘Bearer of Victory.’
The reverse of the coin shows a rendition of the Coat of Arms of Switzerland, surrounded by oak leaves.
The official name for this coin is the Helvetia, which actually was an Alpine region in Europe during Roman times and its became the Latin name for the area now comprising Switzerland,
These coins were struck at the Bern Mint (Swissmint) from 1897 through 1935 and later in 1947 and 1949. The coins are .900 Fine Gold and contains .1867 of a Troy Ounce.
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Year 1897 to 1935, 1947, 1949
Denomination 20 Francs
Grade NA
Country Switzerland
Grading Service NA
Weight 0.1867 Troy Ounce
Fineness .900 Fine Gold
Diameter 21 mm
Manufacturer Bern Mint

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