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Top 5 Rare Coins You Should Collect

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If you are looking to expand your coin collection this year, this list contains some of the most sought-after coins for beginners and advanced numismatists alike. With an eye toward long-term investment value, if you seek to acquire the highest quality rare coin available that fits in your budget, you will never be disappointed. Here is our list of the top five rare coins you should collect. 1. 1909-S V.D.B. Lincoln Cent In 1907, President ... >> Read More        
Treasury Department

State of the Economy and Gold: Leading Economic Indicators Signal Recession

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As the economic data turns south, investors are rushing into gold and silver – favored safe-haven assets in an economic downturn. Gold charged out the starting gates in recent months, climbing at a dizzying pace. While gold vaulted a breathtaking 18.8% from its October 2022 low to the January high, silver is also showing a double digit increase – with a 21% gain over the past three months. Here's what we are seeing in the ... >> Read More        
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Key Takeaways from Latest World Gold Council Report

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Days ago, the World Gold Council released their latest Gold Market Commentary. Here, we distill their analysis to a few important takeaways that can help investors understand what has happened with gold and where it might be headed. Wham, Bam, Thank You GRAM The World Gold Council’s Gold Return Attribution Model (GRAM) is a function used to quantify how the various drivers of gold’s performance contribute to monthly price changes. The model also assesses how ... >> Read More        
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Inflation Update: Gold Surges above $1,900

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The price of gold exploded higher last week, climbing to a fresh 9-month high above $1,900 an ounce. Gold is shining once again as investors believe that a minor drop in the headline inflation rate in December will slow the pace of Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, which is already boosting demand for the precious metal. Gold traded as high as $1,921.50 last week as investors are flocking to the precious metal following the release ... >> Read More        
How Oil Could Influence Gold Prices in 2023

How Oil Could Influence Gold Prices in 2023

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Oil prices have a meaningful influence on gold prices. Understanding why means first examining how dollar-denominated assets work. A dollar-denominated asset is any asset priced in US dollars. Gold is an example of a dollar-denominated asset as well as oil. This means that a rise in the value of the dollar is likely to drive down the price of those assets. The rise and fall of gold and oil prices often occurs in tandem because ... >> Read More        
Massachusetts Bay Colonial Coins

Massachusetts Coins: The First Silver Coins Struck on American Soil

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Thirty two years after the Mayflower landed on Cape Cod with 101 adventurous souls, Bostonians began minting silver coins. At this time the American colonies were, of course, ruled by England. And the colonial governments were run according to the charters granted by England's king. A few of the charters permitted the colonial governments to mint coins, but most did not. Massachusetts Bay was the first English colony to challenge this prohibition when the Massachusetts ... >> Read More        
2022 inflation increasing

The State of the Economy and Gold: A Look Back at 2022

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As an investor, there was nowhere to hide in 2022. Except in gold. The carnage in the investing world was evident everywhere in 2022, with double digit losses in top-rated government and corporate bonds, to the major stock indexes, and to cryptocurrency and tech stock darlings. Gold: One of the Best Performing Asset Classes in 2022 As inflation ravaged the value of cash, precious metals investors held their value in gold throughout 2022 – proving ... >> Read More        
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What Could 2023 Bring for Gold?

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Gold is trading around $1,800 an ounce – virtually unchanged from year-ago levels – as gold served one of its ultimate functions in your portfolio: capital preservation. That compares to double-digit losses in the stock and bond market in 2023. While gold was one of the best performing asset classes in 2022, what could the New Year bring? There are four major macroeconomic factors that will keep demand for gold high in 2023, according to ... >> Read More        
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Say Aloha to Hawaii Plantation Tokens

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If you've ever visited the balmy islands of Hawaii, you may have seen a sugar or pineapple plantation during your travels. Just like the "territorial" gold you may be familiar with struck by private minters in California, Oregon, Utah and Colorado, there is a charming subset of territorial coinage known as Hawaiian plantation tokens. From 1860-1891, plantation tokens were struck for use in company stores on some of the well-known and large Hawaiian plantations. All ... >> Read More        
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Inflation: Not Just an American Problem

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Consumer inflation rose 7.1%, down from a summer peak of around 9% this year, according to the November consumer price index report. Yet, once you dig into the data, the cost of many things you buy are still rising – like groceries, dining out, recreation services and haircuts and other personal care services. In 2022, inflation is not just an American problem – it's a global problem. Heading into 2023, it's unlikely this stubborn rising ... >> Read More