Obverse - 1 oz Kangaroo Obverse
Reverse - 1 oz Kangaroo Reverse
Content: 1 toz Fineness: 24 karats
Weight: 1 toz Diameter: 32.1mm

 A True Rarity in Bullion Coins

Composed of an impressive 99.99% percent fine gold, the Australian Gold Kangaroo is unrivaled for its purity and design. Each mintage of the Kangaroo is a limited edition with its design changing annually, making it a secure investment with collectible qualities.

Government-Guaranteed Purity

The Kangaroo is struck by the Perth Mint in Western Australia and is official Australian legal tender. Its fine gold purity is government guaranteed.

Difference You Can See

The Australian Kangaroo was originally called the Australian Gold Nugget, due to its high gold content that produces a uniquely deep and rich color. 

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