David Zanca

David Zanca


David Zanca

Senior Portfolio Manager





With interest rates near zero, uncontrolled money printing by the Federal Reserve and an uncertain political climate… now, more than ever, physical gold and precious metals should be a part of your family’s investment holdings.  Please read thru some of the articles I’ve written.

I began my career with Blanchard and Company twenty five years ago. I have assisted all types of clients, from well-known ultra-high wealth individuals to the casual collector/investor.  I am also an expert consultant through Guidepoint,  AlphaSights and Third Bridge.  I will be happy to use my knowledge and many years of experience to assist you in building and preserving you and your family’s wealth by developing a personalized investment strategy using gold and rare coins.

I’ve included some links below that will provide you with some basic information as well as some sample portfolios.  Take a look and give me a call (888-443-2843) or email me (dczanca@blanchardgold.com) with any questions.

I look forward to and appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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