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Blanchard Senior Portfolio Manager Separates Silver Facts from Fiction

The investing world spotlight shifted to silver this week. The same group of Internet day traders that drove GameStop dramatically higher in January turned their focus to silver. While the online message boards touted silver ETFs at first, the news triggered a rush into the physical silver market. The U.S. Mint’s silver coin sales jumped 24% to 4.775 million ounces last month – that was the highest for a January since 2017. Several U.S. major ... >> Read More        
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The #1 Leading Indicator for Gold

By David C. Zanca, Senior Portfolio Manager Winter follows fall, and summer follows spring. The seasons of nature act as a leading indicator for what comes next. After the leaves drop from the trees in September and October and the temperatures fall – winter follows. After months of snow and shorter days, warmer temperatures and longer days announce the arrival of spring. In the economic realm, employment and consumer spending are considered leading indicators. These ... >> Read More        
1795 $10 Draped Bust Obv and Rev

Early Date Gold 1795-1834

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By David Zanca, Senior Portfolio Manager Think back to the earliest days of the United States. Place yourself in the late 1700s. Imagine the excitement felt by the citizens of this young country who had just gone through the battle of their lives to establish their independence as a sovereign nation. This new nation was based on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Close your eyes and put yourself back in ... >> Read More        
The Difference Between Wealth and Money

The Difference Between Wealth and Money

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Money is transitory. It is the only way to transact business/pay bills. From the beginning of time, this has always been the role of money. Wealth is different. Wealth is measured in real things. Property. It always has been and always will be. In the United States, wealth and money (dollars) have become intertwined over the past fifty years or so. This is a recent phenomenon and is only due to the dominance of the ... >> Read More        
The Hidden Risk of Money Market Funds

The Hidden Risk of Money Market Funds

If you are parking your sidelined cash in a money market fund, caveat emptor. That's Latin, of course, for let the buyer beware. Long thought to be a safe harbor in turbulent times, money market funds are showing their true stripes these days. Few investors read the fine print on their investment company's website or obscure SEC documents, so we are detailing current issues you need to understand here. Long gone are the days when ... >> Read More