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Apple Revenue Warning Sends Stocks Skidding, Gold Soaring

Gold | February 24, 2020

Apple’s (AAPL) unexpected warning to investors was bleak. The tech giant issued guidance last week that it won’t meet its first quarter revenue goals because of the coronavirus. Gold surged to a 7-year high as investors around the globe began dumping stocks and buying precious metals as fears around the coronavirus economic impact, now known […]

Three-Cent Silver: Solving the problem of scarcity

Investor Resources | February 18, 2020

The US three-cent silver coin was one of the many repercussions of the California gold rush. The country experienced a surging supply of gold as new discoveries opened in the east. This development created an economic scenario in which the price of gold relative to silver dropped. Thus, silver could be traded for ever increasing […]

Is Your Portfolio Ready For Super Tuesday?

Investment | February 12, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders still has a long way to go before he’d get the green light to move into the White House. Yet, the recent Iowa Caucus, which appears to be a tie between Sanders and moderate Pete Buttigieg, reveals strong support for the Vermont Senator’s progressive policies. The stock market continues to edge to […]

The Future of Gold Mining

Gold | February 10, 2020

Gold mines are becoming more difficult to source and maintain. Consider that the global nonferrous exploration budget remains below the 2014 level. Moreover, between 2012 and 2016 this figure dropped each year. The S&P Global Market Intelligence Report adds color to these numbers by explaining that, “our research has long shown that the mining industry […]

Clearing Up Face Value Confusion: The Capped Bust Dime

Investor Resources | February 6, 2020

What’s that coin worth? After John Reich designed the Capped Bust dime, citizens and foreigners no longer wondered what that coin in their hand was worth. The Capped Bust dime was the first dime that stated its face value on the coin. Minted from 1809 through 1837, Reich is credited with this important innovation of […]