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The Hidden Risk of Money Market Funds

Featured | July 7, 2020
If you are parking your sidelined cash in a money market fund, caveat emptor. That’s Latin, of course, for let the buyer beware. Long thought to be a safe harbor in turbulent times, money market funds are showing their true stripes these days. Few investors read the fine print on their investment company’s website or…

Monday Morning Wrap Up – July 6, 2020

Featured | July 6, 2020
Gold Surges above $1,800 for First Time Since 2011 Gold traded above the $1,800 an ounce level last week for the first time since 2011. The summer gold rally is hot and getting hotter. As the economy continues to reopen, store clerks are reminding shoppers to put on their face masks. People are waiting for…

Feeling Good About Stocks? Watch Out for Recency Bias

Investing | July 1, 2020
It turns out, investors have short memories. If you have assets invested in the stock market, you might be feeling okay right about now. Indeed, the stock market has rebounded smartly off the March lows. The S&P 500 is still down on the year, but only a 3% decline – versus the stomach-wrenching 35% decline…

Monday Morning Wrap Up – June 29, 2020

Ask an Expert | June 29, 2020
How Long before We See Gold Hit $2,000? Did you wonder what would happen to the economy once the second wave of Covid-19 hits in the fall? It turns out the first wave still isn’t over. In fact, it’s getting worse. Covid-19 infections are spreading like wildfire in hot spot states. Last week, the U.S….

What is the M2 Money Supply and What Does it Mean for Gold?

Gold | June 25, 2020
We live in a historic period in which the US economy is experiencing a massive inflow of money. This tidal wave will have a meaningful impact on all investments, including gold. To understand why, one must first understand the M1 and M2 money supply. The M1 money supply is a measure of currency in an…