Athenian Owl Tetradrachm NGC AU

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This coin financed wars.

It paid for the war fleet that repelled the Persians.

It funded the Parthenon and the festival of Dionysus, source of so many famous comedies and tragedies—and where countless philosophers debated the great issues.

In short, this one small coin helped fund one of the cradles of Western civilization: Athens.

The Athenian Owl is celebrated in ancient numismatics as the first coin with a full design on both the obverse and reverse. In fact, the phrase “heads or tails” comes from this coin, because it has a head on the obverse and an owl (with tail) on the reverse.

Imagine holding this coin in your hand. Who held it 2,400 years ago? What cares and joys occupied the mind of that ancient Athenian? Probably many that occupy you today: friends, family, faith, the future.



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