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Global economy cant stomach 4 Fed rate hikes, ex-Treasury chief warns

Uncategorized | January 13, 2016

The Federal Reserves controversial decision to raise interest rates in December has generated its fair share of accolades as well as criticism. Fans of the move say the rate hike was long overdue, while foes say the central bank is tightening monetary policy at exactly the wrong time, just when the Chinese economy is slowing […]

Gold could double if Chinas credit bubble gets messier, Marc Faber says

Uncategorized | January 12, 2016

With some analysts predicting that the gold price could fall near $1,000 later this year, especially if the Federal Reserve follows through on several interest-rates hikes, HSBC is going against the grain with a modestly bullish forecast. The safe-haven-inspired demand for gold rests on the interconnection between the state of the gold market and the […]

Silver, gold American Eagle coin sales off to a roaring 2016 start

Uncategorized | January 12, 2016

After the U.S. Mint logged a record-breaking year for silver American Eagle coin sales and also saw impressive demand for its gold American Eagle and gold Buffalo bullion, 2016 is off to a blistering start as well. On the very first day of sales to its authorized network of wholesale purchasers, American Eagle silver coin […]

Coin grading: Why CAC matters in todays era of slabbed coins

Uncategorized | January 11, 2016

By Douglas LePre, Senior Portfolio Manager at Blanchard and Company, Inc. Over the last 30 years, the coin market has changed dramatically. Initially this market was primarily for collectors who built sets as a hobby there were no grading services and very few auctions where coins sold for six figures, let alone seven. Its truly […]

Rare coin market in U.S. worth about $5 billion in 2015, PNG finds

Uncategorized | January 11, 2016

A major industry group has issued a new eye-popping estimate on the monetary value of therare coinmarket in the U.S. According to a survey of knowledgeable players conducted by theProfessional Numismatists Guild, the overall U.S. rare coin market in 2015 was between $4.5 billion to $5 billion, although one expert estimated it at $6 billion. […]