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Strategizing Investments as The Global Economy Enters a Pandemic

Gold | March 11, 2020

As of this article there have been 121,061 confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide resulting in 4,368 deaths. Recently, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic. As a result, businesses have begun to feel the effects. Supply chains have been disrupted, consumers are distracted, and equity markets are in steep decline. Since the […]

1806 Draped Bust Silver Half Dollar

Investor Resources | March 9, 2020

She is a busty beauty with flowing long hair. This 1806 classic silver half dollar, the Draped Bust, has outstanding eye appeal and a natural heft to hold in your hand. Congress first authorized the creation of a half dollar in April, 1792. The Draped Bust version was struck from 1796 through 1807. Collectors have […]

Is the Fed Panicking?

Gold | March 3, 2020

The Fed can’t stop the spread of COVID-19. But, it’s doing what it can. In a shocking and aggressive move designed to boost consumer and business confidence, the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates by 50 basis points Tuesday morning, acknowledging economic risks from the fast-spreading coronavirus. This is the first emergency interest rate cut since […]

Fear Drives Stocks Into Correction Territory

Gold | March 2, 2020

There is an old market saying: Stocks take the stairs going up and take the elevator down. That was evident last week as the Dow Jones Industrial Average collapsed as much as 12.4%, falling into so-called correction territory (declines of 10% or more).  The eye-popping stock selling marked the worse week since the 2008 Global […]

Celebrating Mardi Gras: The History of the New Orleans Mint

Investor Resources | February 25, 2020

It was the year 1835. Large quantities of gold were being shipped overland to the East, only to be waylaid by bandits en route. So the U.S. Congress, in a moment of wisdom, declared that branch mints be established in three southern cities, including the grand dame herself: New Orleans. From its beginning, the New […]