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5 Reasons Gold Can Rally In 2019

Gold | December 12, 2018

The gold market surged higher last week, hitting its highest level since mid-July. Is this the start of a new rally phase in gold? The reasons to be bullish on gold are stacking up fast. Here are five: Global gold production growth has declined in recent years Gold output in key producing countries, such as […]

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Then Robbing Paul

Gold | December 10, 2018

Ever whistled a tune? If so, then congratulations, you’ve committed to something for a longer period than the average hold time for a stock investment. “Take any stock in the United States. The average time in which you hold a stock is – it’s gone up from 20 seconds to 22 seconds in the last […]

When the Stock Market Starts Waving a Knife

Investment | December 3, 2018

The stock market is teaching us that when things are good, they’re great. And when things are bad, they’re awful. Simply put: volatility is back. Many of the largest investment fund managers agree that the rocky ride has a long way to go. As recently as last week Gerry O’Reilly, a Vanguard portfolio manager who […]

The Rogue Charm of the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel

Market News | November 26, 2018

1913 Liberty Head Nickels are so rare that even the US mint doesn’t know where it came from. They never authorized the piece. Despite this fact, a few of these coveted coins exist. In 2010 one sold for $3.7 million. The question remains, where did this mysterious coin come from? Between 1883 and 1912 the […]

Remember the Alamo!

Market News | November 26, 2018

They wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence overnight. The Texas delegates had to work quickly because Fort Alamo in San Antonio was under siege. Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna led a Mexican force numbering in the thousands and surrounded Fort Alamo. Inside the fort, although vastly outnumbered, 200 defenders bravely stood their ground. […]