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One weird, 8-sided coin

Investor Resources | February 3, 2020

This coin is heavy and large, and it has eight sides. Its face value is $50. One side doesn’t have a portrait, Lady Liberty, or anything else you might expect on a numismatic rarity. No, it has a pattern, created through a process called “engine turning.” It’s an odd coin. You might even call it […]

What Could China’s Coronavirus Mean For You?

Investing | January 29, 2020

Investors woke up on Monday morning to stock markets sinking around the globe. Growing fears that the China coronavirus could slow global economic activity sent stocks tumbling. The fast-spreading pneumonia-like virus was first identified in China on December 31, 2019 and has now spread outside mainland China. As of January 27, a total of 2,700 […]

What Are the Big Players Doing?

Gold | January 27, 2020

When we think about changes in the value of gold we often think about influences like economic policy, equity and bond performance, and recession fears. While these factors do influence gold prices, there is another unseen force at work. That force is central bank activity. A central bank is a financial entity that has the […]

What Causes Recessions?

Gold | January 21, 2020

The current U.S. economic expansion is the longest in history at 127 months this January. It is also the weakest of the post-WWII era. The current economic expansion began in July 2009. Many economists expect continued growth in 2020, albeit at a slower pace. Nonetheless, U.S. military action against Iran earlier this month and the […]

The Origins of the 1776 Continental Dollar Coin

Investor Resources | January 20, 2020

The 1776 Continental dollar coin represents, perhaps more than any other piece of US currency, the state of upheaval within the nation in 1776. Consider, for example, that there is no known documentation authorizing the issuance or approval of this coin. Moreover, the word currency is misspelled on the obverse of one of the varieties […]