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What Negative Interest Rates Mean for You

Investment | September 16, 2019

Maybe you’ve heard the news? Zero or negative interest rates could be coming to a bank near you soon. In the topsy-turvy world of negative interest rates, there are winners and losers. Savers lose. Instead of earning 1% or 2% on your deposits, you could have to pay banks to hold your money. That’s not […]

America’s First Silver Dollar

Market News | September 16, 2019

Many people are surprised to learn that the origins of US currency aren’t found in our country. They’re found in the Netherlands.  Upon arriving in the New World, the Dutch established the colony of New Amsterdam which is known today as New York. Here, immigrants traded Lion “Daalders,” a coin first minted in Holland in […]

“Thar’s gold in them thar hills!”

Investor Resources | September 11, 2019

Or rather, “There’s millions in it!” (Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?) This is a story about the 1858-D $1 Gold coin.  It turns out that “Thar’s gold in them thar hills!” is a Hollywood western invention, by way of Mark Twain. But let’s rewind. In 1829, the Georgia Gold Rush started. Thousands […]

The Ultra Rare Ram’s Horn Gold

Gold | September 9, 2019

Gold is a commodity. This means that one ounce of pure gold found in the U.S. is worth the same as one ounce of pure gold found in Russia. The value is consistent across the globe. This consistency is part of the appeal of gold. It is a fungible, meaning that it doesn’t matter if […]

Will the US Ever Be Able To Pay Its Debt?

Gold | September 5, 2019

When an individual can’t pay the mortgage on their house, the bank takes possession of the home. When a person can’t pay their car loan, the finance company repossesses the car. The U.S. government is racking up more and more debt every month, with a total of $22 trillion of debt owed today. Just like […]