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1884 Indian Head Cent

1884 Indian Head Penny: A Tangible Piece of Early American History

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During the economic chaos of the Civil War, Americans hoarded any precious metal they could find. Even copper-nickel one-cent pieces virtually disappeared from circulation. The U.S. government came to the rescue with the Act of April 22 and authorized a new thin, bronze version of the Indian Head penny. Indian Head pennies are an iconic, classic early American coin coveted by collectors. Minted from 1859 through 1909, Indian Head cents surged in popularity in the ... >> Read More        
1878 Morgan Dollar CC obverse and reverse on transparent background

Carson City Morgan Dollars: A Favorite for Collectors across the Country

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For many numismatists, a Morgan silver dollar set is a must-have for their collection—and this is one of the most collected series of coins the U.S. Mint has ever produced. Within that series, the Morgan silver dollars minted at the legendary Carson City Mint in Nevada are highly sought after. And, there are only 13 coins in the Carson City Morgan dollar series. The exciting news? Building a Carson City Morgan dollar set is an ... >> Read More        
SS Gairsoppa

Top-5 Discoveries from the SS Gairsoppa: Silver Bars, Coins and More

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Throughout history, hidden gems often emerge in the aftermath of significant historical events. A prime example lies in shipwrecks, like the SS Gairsoppa. This ill-fated vessel became a testament to an intriguing chapter for coin and history enthusiasts alike. Investigating the findings following the ship's sinking, this article explores the iconic SS Gairsoppa silver coins and bars born from the discoveries made, focusing on: The SS Gairsoppa’s dramatic history. A comprehensive catalog of the ship’s ... >> Read More        
risk tolerance

The Connection between Risk Tolerance and Gold

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One of the most important questions for any investor is how much risk are you comfortable with? In investing, risk can be defined as: The permanent loss of your money or Not having money when you need it. Both outcomes are undesirable to say the least. Stocks are considered one of the most risky asset classes. Stocks tend to be more volatile than bonds and can deliver a higher expected return. But in exchange, stock ... >> Read More        
Gold prices rising

Could Gold Hit $3,000? Citi Analysts Say It’s Possible in 2025

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Gold at $3,000 an ounce? From current levels, that would mark a nearly 50% increase in price. While it's not their base case, the global banking giant—Citi—highlighted economic scenarios which would support a massive increase in the price of gold to $3,000 in 2025. So what could push price gold to $3,000? Aggressive central bank purchases, stagflation, and a global recession are all triggers that could drive the price of the yellow metal to $3,000 ... >> Read More        
1893 Isabella Quarter obv and rev

The 1893 Queen Isabella Quarter: First U.S. Coin to Feature a Real Woman

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The 1893 Queen Isabella quarter boasts a lot of "firsts" attached to its name. The silver commemorative coin was the first U.S. coin to feature a real woman, as opposed to the mythical Lady Liberty. The silver quarter features Queen Isabella of Spain – to honor her role in supporting Christopher Columbus' voyage to the Americas in 1492. The 1893 Queen Isabella quarter is also the first legal tender U.S. coin to feature a foreign ... >> Read More        
Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter

5 Most Controversial Rare Coins from the US Mint

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Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter 1909-S VDB Cent 1964-D Peace Dollar 1946 Roosevelt Dime $1,000,000,000,000 Platinum Coin From illegal to immoral to outrageous, it turns out there's plenty of ways for a U.S. rare coin to be controversial. Today, we explore five of the most controversial coins produced by the U.S. Mint, many of which are highly coveted by collectors in large part due to their controversy! 1. Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter The classic ... >> Read More        

Is Inflation Over Yet? Nope, CPI Data Reveals Still Hotter Than Expected

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When you are traveling on a road trip with kids, a question you often hear is: "Are we there yet?" For Americans tired of the high prices they see every day from food at the grocery store to personal care products, pet food and haircuts, many are asking: "Is inflation over yet?" The latest Consumer Price Index report shows what you probably already know – inflation is stubborn and still sticking around. Yep, kind of ... >> Read More        
Rare Half Dollars: Coins of Your Dreams

Rare Half Dollars: Coins of Your Dreams

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Half dollars, America's 50-cent coins, were introduced in 1794. Since then, they have seamlessly integrated into the nation's currency, today holding a cherished place in collectors' hearts. From the classic elegance of the Walking Liberty to the symbolic Franklin and Kennedy designs, each coin serves as a poignant representation of distinct eras. This article will discuss rare half dollar coins worth money, delving into: The reasons for their rarity. The most valuable half dollars. Where ... >> Read More        
1834 Capped Bust Dime NGC MS64 CAC obverse and reverse

What Are Some Rare Coins to Look for in Your Grandfather’s Collection?

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The pursuit of rare coins often involves a combination of exploration and networking. Coin shows, reputable dealers, auctions, and numismatic events can be excellent channels for acquiring unique, valuable pieces. While these avenues are fruitful, rare coins can also be serendipitously found closer to home, namely, within the confines of your family's history! This article will explore what rare coins to look for in your forebears' collections, discussing: The elements that make a coin rare ... >> Read More