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Evergrande, Counterparty Risk, and Gold

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In recent weeks, the crisis within Evergrande has reminded investors of counterparty risk. Counterparty risk is the possibility that one of the parties involved in a transaction might default on their obligations. People often use the term counterparty risk and default risk interchangeably. Default risk is the possibility that one person or company will fail to make the required payments on their debt. Evergrande is a towering example of counterparty risk. In August of this ... >> Read More        
1938 New Rochelle Commemorative coin

The 1938 New Rochelle 250th Anniversary Half Dollar

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In 1688, the city of New Rochelle, New York was founded by French Protestants. Colonist Jacob Leisler executed the formal agreement when he purchased 6,000 acres from Sir John Pell who originally owned the land. In return for the acreage that represents the city today Pell required "one fatt calfe" on the following year and every year after. More than two hundred years later the Westchester County Coin Club began to rally interest in having ... >> Read More        
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Nearly 80% of Americans Expect Inflation to Get Worse

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After nearly a decade of nearly non-existent inflation – the phenomenon of rising consumer prices is back. This spring, U.S. consumer prices saw their biggest jump since August 2008. And, inflation is sticking around. U.S. consumer price growth continued to climb in September, the Labor Department reported Wednesday. Over the last 12 months, U.S. consumer prices gained 5.4%. While Federal Reserve officials continue to downplay the recent jump in prices from everything from gas to ... >> Read More        
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Gold During Stagflation: Performance Explained

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Stagflation describes an economic setting in which inflation increases while economic output slows or stops. This condition was first seen in the US in the 1970s when the country experienced five quarters of negative GDP growth. Stagflation is beginning to surface in conversations today because economic growth appears to be weakening and inflation appears to be on the rise. Recently, the I.M.F. issued a warning that “pandemic outbreaks in critical links of global supply chains ... >> Read More        
The Wass Molitor $50 Gold Piece

The Wass Molitor $50 Gold Piece

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Wass, Molitor & Company, a legendary California Gold Rush era private gold firm, had its origins in Hungary just ahead of the Hungarian revolution. The firm's founders, Count Samuel C. Wass and Agoston P. Molitor, both pursued metallurgy studies in Germany before returning home to Hungary to launch their careers in the Hungarian mining regions. Then, revolution broke out! In 1848, Hungarian revolutionaries seeking their independence went to war with the Austrian Empire. After the ... >> Read More        
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The Dawn of the Next Silver Revolution

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Over 4,000 years ago, silver ingots were used as currency in ancient Greece. Today, silver remains a store of value, portfolio diversifier, fiat currency hedge and a tangible asset to grow and protect your wealth. What's more, silver is on the dawn of a new age of industrial demand. You may know that silver not only benefits from investment demand but that the metal also attracts industrial demand too. Many people, however, don't realize how ... >> Read More        
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Gold as a Force for Good in Global Health

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Few realize the value of gold in the public health sector. Too often gold is considered a store of wealth, a part of the jewelry industry, or a component in electronics. The purpose of gold in medical solutions goes unnoticed. Slowly, the COVID crisis is revealing just how important gold is for keeping countries healthy. The link between gold and global health is found within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 3). This initiative was ... >> Read More        
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Fed Keeps Easy Money Policies Going

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Gold traded higher Wednesday afternoon after the Federal Reserve kept its easy money policies intact. At the conclusion of its two-day policy meeting, the Fed kept its official interest rate at the rock bottom range from zero to 0.25% and did not signal a "tapering" of its monthly $120 billion  bond purchases that the Fed began last year to stimulate the economy. Gold traded up $9.30 at $1,783.40 an ounce after the Fed meeting today ... >> Read More        
The Enduring 1903 Barber Dime

The Enduring 1903 Barber Dime

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In 1891, Congress authorized U.S. Mint Director Edward Leech to redesign silver coins in the country. Chief engraver Charles Barber began the process by hosting a contest and inviting artists to participate. He requested low relief designs and made clear that the winner would be awarded a cash prize. While open to the public, Leech specifically sought out the ideas and artwork of several specific artists. The value of the prize was $500. This plan ... >> Read More        
Is Fiat Money Under Fire?

Is Fiat Money Under Fire?

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You've probably heard that U.S. inflation levels remain elevated. In August, the Consumer Price Index climbed 5.3% on a year-over-year basis. While inflation in 2021 can be blamed on a variety of factors like supply chain bottlenecks and pent-up consumer demand to expansive Federal Reserve monetary policy, new research from Deutsche Bank highlights another simple reason. The U.S. dollar is a fiat currency – which means it isn't backed by a commodity like gold. Throughout ... >> Read More