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How Gold Boosts Liquidity

How Gold Boosts Liquidity

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In the U.S.,  gold is a often a means of storing, and growing wealth. In 2020 gold served this purpose well as its value climbed more than 24%. However, many gold investors in the U.S. are unaware of the unique ways that gold boosts liquidity for consumers abroad. Gold ownership is common in Indian culture as it represents a level of economic status and often has cultural ties to special events, like marriage, in which ... >> Read More        
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The #1 Leading Indicator for Gold Prices

By David C. Zanca, Senior Portfolio Manager Winter follows fall, and summer follows spring. The seasons of nature act as a leading indicator for what comes next. After the leaves drop from the trees in September and October and the temperatures fall – winter follows. After months of snow and shorter days, warmer temperatures and longer days announce the arrival of spring. In the economic realm, employment and consumer spending are considered leading indicators. These ... >> Read More        
The Future of Gold in a De-carbonized World

The Future of Gold in a De-carbonized World

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Recently, President-elect Joe Biden announced a plan to spend $2 trillion during his first term in an effort to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in sectors like transportation and building. The plan is a major step in the renewed initiative to lessen, or even eliminate global warming. The move is large enough to have ramifications across nearly every industry, including gold, because large scale mining operation require an enormous amount of electricity and fuel ... >> Read More        
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3 Quotes about Inflation You Must Read

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Inflation is coming. Are you ready? Listen to what these three luminaries said about inflation: Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man. – former president Ronald Reagan In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. – former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Inflation is taxation ... >> Read More        
1853 Seated Libery Quarter with Arrows and Rays

1853 Seated Liberty Quarter – Arrows and Rays

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The 1853 Seated Liberty Quarter was part of U.S. currency that began in the mid-1830s and extended to the late 1890s. The obverse shows the Goddess of Liberty grasping a pole. On the top of the pole is a Phrygian cap. This detail was meant to convey freedom. The cap is recognized by a distinct fold in the top. Originally, the hat signified the Roman goddess of liberty. In time, this symbolism later appeared in ... >> Read More        
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Inflation and “Good” Money

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In early societies items like shells, beads and even clay tokens were used as money. Ancient societies then advanced to using precious metals including bronze, gold and silver as the basis for their monetary systems. What defines "good" money? The key element that is essential to good money is something that maintains its purchasing power over time. Whether it’s a shell or a dollar bill, good currencies retain their value against a basket of consumer ... >> Read More        
Gold Estimates for 2021

Gold Estimates for 2021

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The value of gold surged in 2020. This performance has left many wondering how much further it can go in the coming year. Many believe there is room to run. Given strong a strong previous 12 months, one might ask what could propel additional growth. The two factors that are most likely to drive gold prices up are low interest rates across the globe and the weakening US dollar. In recent reporting from Societe Generale ... >> Read More        
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Are You Prepared for the Inflation Tax?

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Inflation affects us all. If it feels like a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to, you aren't imagining it. You are experiencing the powerful impact from inflation. Inflation is the steady rise in price for everyday goods and services – things like groceries, cars and homes – that's known as the rising cost of living. When inflation causes prices to rise, but our paychecks don't, it reduces our purchasing power, and thus ... >> Read More        
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Weekly Wrap Up – December 3, 2020

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Looking into the Crystal Ball for 2021 It's that time of year again. This is when investment firms begin to roll out their forecasts and projections for 2021. Degussa recently unveiled its 2021 outlook report. Their take on gold? Look for gold to climb to $2,500 an ounce by mid-2021, they say. "It appears that the savvy investor has quite some reason to expect that interest rates will remain very low in the foreseeable future, ... >> Read More        
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The Shipwreck that Triggered an Economic Crisis

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It was September 1857. A 280-foot, wooden-hulled steamer named the S.S.Central America set sail for New York from San Francisco. Known as the Ship of Gold this steamer carried 578 souls and over two tons of gold and coins from San Francisco. Unwittingly, this legendary ship sailed straight into a Category 2 hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas. She took on water fast and the 105 mph winds shredded her sails. Steam pressure fell ... >> Read More