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Gold Estimates for 2021

Gold Estimates for 2021

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The value of gold surged in 2020. This performance has left many wondering how much further it can go in the coming year. Many believe there is room to run. Given strong a strong previous 12 months, one might ask what could propel additional growth. The two factors that are most likely to drive gold prices up are low interest rates across the globe and the weakening US dollar. In recent reporting from Societe Generale ... >> Read More        
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Are You Prepared for the Inflation Tax?

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Inflation affects us all. If it feels like a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to, you aren't imagining it. You are experiencing the powerful impact from inflation. Inflation is the steady rise in price for everyday goods and services – things like groceries, cars and homes – that's known as the rising cost of living. When inflation causes prices to rise, but our paychecks don't, it reduces our purchasing power, and thus ... >> Read More        
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Weekly Wrap Up – December 3, 2020

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Looking into the Crystal Ball for 2021 It's that time of year again. This is when investment firms begin to roll out their forecasts and projections for 2021. Degussa recently unveiled its 2021 outlook report. Their take on gold? Look for gold to climb to $2,500 an ounce by mid-2021, they say. "It appears that the savvy investor has quite some reason to expect that interest rates will remain very low in the foreseeable future, ... >> Read More        
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The Shipwreck that Triggered an Economic Crisis

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It was September 1857. A 280-foot, wooden-hulled steamer named the S.S.Central America set sail for New York from San Francisco. Known as the Ship of Gold this steamer carried 578 souls and over two tons of gold and coins from San Francisco. Unwittingly, this legendary ship sailed straight into a Category 2 hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas. She took on water fast and the 105 mph winds shredded her sails. Steam pressure fell ... >> Read More        
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The Gold Standard Could Gain New Momentum

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With the presidential election results under investigation, gold investors turn their focus to the Senate this week. Judy Shelton, an economic advisor to President Trump, is most famous for her advocacy for a return to the gold standard. And, her long-standing criticisms of the Federal Reserve. This week – there is a historic opportunity for President Trump – to put his personal stamp on the Federal Reserve with his nomination of Judy Shelton to the ... >> Read More        
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Why Investors Are Turning to Alternative Stores of Value

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With the U.S. dollar index down 10% this year and inflation stirring, it's a great time to diversify investments with blue chip rare gold. A generation ago, it was common to find rare coins, collectible books, art masterpieces and extensive wine collections only in the homes of the wealthy upper class. Today, investor movement toward alternative stores of value has exploded. In fact, middle class investors want in on these smart money tangible investments too ... >> Read More        
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What a Possible Biden Presidency Means for Silver

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The potential win by Democrat Joe Biden ushers in a new era for government policies from taxes to trade to energy. Indeed, Biden's energy platform and priorities would look very different from Trump's. Silver is up 35% this year. Here's why it could go even higher next year. During his campaign, Biden released an ambitious green energy agenda, which if even partially enacted could unleash a new uptrend in the silver market. In recent months, ... >> Read More        
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How a Potential Biden Win Might Impact Gold Investments

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It should first be noted that presidents, on their own, are largely unable to push the stock market in any specific direction. Consider a study from the Federal Reserve Board which determined that "neither risk nor return varies significantly across the presidential cycle." Therefore, investors seeking clues about future investment performance over the next four years should widen their perspective beyond the president. They should consider the entire political sphere. If Biden is declared the ... >> Read More        
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Monday Morning Wrap Up – November 9, 2020

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Gold Soars after Historic Election It was a long week. No matter what side of the political aisle you sit, the markets have an important message for you. Here it is: Investors want to own gold. Indeed, as the election results became clear, gold soared over $100 an ounce over the past seven trading days. Spot gold recently traded above the $1,950 an ounce. Yes, there could still be many more twists and turns on ... >> Read More        
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How The Gold Dollar Emboldened National Identity

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As the California gold rush introduced more gold into the economy the U.S. Congress resolved to design and issue a gold dollar. The decision, however, was not without detractors. The Mint director at the time, Robert Patterson, was opposed to the idea. When a bill was introduced to support the initiative, some argued that it would lead to problems like counterfeit currency, and confusion with other coins. Others, in favor of the idea, cited benefits ... >> Read More