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Barber Half Dollar

The 1903-S Barber Half Dollar: A Remarkable Coin

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First minted in 1892, the Barber Half Dollar remains a treasured collectible among numismatists due to its historical significance and iconic design. However, as seasoned collectors understand, not all Barbers are created equal. One notable stand-out is the 1903-S Barber Half Dollar. In this article, we delve into different facets of this coin, exploring 1903-S Barber Half Dollar value and more, including: The history of the Barber Half Dollar. Characteristics of the 1903-S Barber Half ... >> Read More        
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5 Factors That Will Drive Gold in 2024

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Gold has been one of the best performing commodities in 2023, up over 12% as the precious metal set a new all-time record high in late November. Traders like to say: "the trend is your friend" and in this case the trend points higher for gold. Here's a look at five factors that will impact gold in the year ahead. 1. Geopolitical tensions boiling hot From China-U.S. tensions to the Russian war in the Ukraine ... >> Read More        
1870-CC Double Eagle

Top 3 Rarest Carson City Mint Coins

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1870-CC Double Eagle 1871-CC Double Eagle 1876-CC Twenty Cent Piece Many collectors only dream of owning a coin with the famed "CC" mintmark, which stands for the Carson City Mint in Nevada. The western mint was operation for a mere 21 years of remarkable Wild West history. Here's how it all began… In 1857, Henry Comstock laid claim to what eventually became known as the giant Comstock Lode in Nevada. Many prospectors struck it rich ... >> Read More        
1913 Liberty Head Nickel

The Intrigue Behind The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel

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The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, one of the most valuable coins in the world, also has one of the most mysterious backstories in American numismatic history. No one knows exactly how, when, or why these legendary coins were struck. Today, there are only five known 1913 Liberty Head Nickels in existence. One is housed at the Smithsonian, a second at the ANA Money Museum in Colorado, and the remaining three 1913 Liberty Head Nickels are ... >> Read More        

Gold soars as Fed pencils in 3 rate cuts in 2024

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The Fed Starts Talking About Rate Cuts Breaking news. The Federal Reserve started talking about interest rate cuts for the first time today during this monetary policy cycle. At the conclusion of the Fed's two-day meeting Wednesday, the central bank held interest rates steady as expected at 5.25%-5.50%. This marked the third consecutive Fed meeting where the central bank stood pat, suggesting the interest rate cycle may have peaked. Gold surged after the meeting, which ... >> Read More        
Monnaie de Paris

Top Three Oldest Mints in the World

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Lydia: 7th century BC Monnaie de Paris: AD 864 British Royal Mint: AD 880 Today the U.S. Mint is the largest mint in the world, producing as many as 28 billion coins in a year. The Philadelphia Mint stands as the largest physical site in the U.S., which covers over 650,000 square feet and can produce up to 32 million coins in a year. However, there is a rich history of coin production that spans ... >> Read More        
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The Indian and Chinese Connection to Gold

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In 2023, India overtook China as the most populated country in the world, with a total of 1.428 billion people. China is a close second at 1.425 billion citizens. Compare that to the United States of America's total population at 335 million. This matters to the gold market because Asian demand from India and China make up nearly 50% of global gold demand. A Little History During the last half of the 1900's, Chinese citizens ... >> Read More        
The Libertas Americana medal

Benjamin Franklin’s Masterpiece: The Libertas Americana Medal

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The Libertas Americana medal, conceived and authorized by Benjamin Franklin, was a tribute to American independence and France's support in that valiant endeavor. The medal's dramatic imagery on the reverse symbolically retells the story of the American Revolution, with the dates 1777 and 1781 inscribed to represent the two greatest American victories at the Gates of Saratoga and Washington at Yorktown. Notably, Franklin commissioned the creation of this medal on his own, not on the ... >> Read More        
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How Emerging Markets Will Support Gold’s Future

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Today, close to two-thirds of the global demand for gold comes from emerging markets. The two largest players in this segment are China and India. China’s annual gold consumption averages about 1,120 tons per year while India’s is roughly 800 tons. This means that understanding the future of gold as an investment requires a clear picture of what the future of these two countries holds. Here, we look at the major economic initiatives driving the ... >> Read More        
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The Relationship Between the Price of Gold and the 10-Year TIPS Yield and Why it Matters

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For more than 15 years, there has been a stable, inverse relationship between gold and US bond yields adjusted for inflation. Typically, higher Treasury yields have the effect of bringing gold prices down because gold, which has no yield, is less attractive in comparison. Between 2006 and 2021, the correlation coefficient between the two has been -0.933 indicating an almost completely opposite relationship. Today, that’s changing. The breakdown of this correlation seems strangely fitting in ... >> Read More