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Gold Jumps as Inflation Data Weakens U.S. Dollar

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Precious metals investors saw a nice lift to their portfolio last week. The price of gold jumped 1.8% following new economic reports signaling that Gold bar on US dollar banknotes money, economy finance exchange trade investment concept. inflation is easing. That in turn weakened the U.S. dollar, which fell to its lowest level since April 2022 last week and also triggered expectations that the Federal Reserve may not have to raise interest rates as much ... >> Read More        
Half Disme

The 1792 Half Disme: A Tiny Classic Coin Shrouded in Mystery

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In the early years of our young nation, America faced a new challenge—a shortage of small change. After years of relying on foreign gold and silver coins, America needed its own system of coinage, especially in small denominations. One of the first tasks of the first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton was to create a system for America's coins. From Hamilton's work, the Half Disme, or half a dime was the first American coin ever struck ... >> Read More        
St. Gaudens

The Five Most Famous U.S. Coin Designers

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Augustus Saint-Gaudens Robert Scot Christian Gobrecht Charles E. Barber George T. Morgan People collect rare coins for many reasons, including their historical significance and beautiful designs. Behind each rare coin stands a talented designer who left his lasting mark on the world, with hard currency that continues to increase in value today. In many instances, the coin designers worked at the United States Mint, while others were esteemed artists of their time. Let's explore the ... >> Read More        
Gold Bars

Using Gold In a Strategy to Outperform the Market

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Can gold be more than a safe haven and actually beat the S&P 500 over the long term? One researcher believes the answer is yes. In a paper from the Lead-Lag Report, researcher Michael Gayed, CFA tested a theory. He wanted to know if the performance of gold relative to lumber could give an investor insight into the future of the market. His idea was simple: When lumber futures outperform gold, investors can take a ... >> Read More        
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Your Mid-Year Portfolio Check-Up in Four Easy Steps

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The year's half-way over. Now is the perfect time to review your financial situation and your portfolio and make adjustments as needed – to ensure you are on track to meet your financial goals. Ready to get started? Step 1: Evaluate your risk exposure. Markets are changing, economic conditions are evolving and your financial goals may have even shifted from the last time you reviewed your portfolio. Take some time to consider how much "risk" ... >> Read More        
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A Study of How Commodities Perform During Inflation

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The Federal Reserve’s ten rate hikes since March of 2022 have helped ease inflation in the US, but we’re not there yet. At a CPI of 4% year-over-year and core inflation that’s even higher, we’re still not at the 2% target. This might not seem like a problem. After all, if ten rate hikes got us this far down from our peak of 9.1% in June of 2022, then a few more hikes should get ... >> Read More        
Nova Constellations obverse and reverse

Nova Constellatio Patterns Coins: The Foundation of Our Numismatic Legacy

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In 1783, after eight difficult years, Great Britain declared it would cease hostilities with the United States, creating an end to the long Revolutionary War. The 1783 Treaty of Paris officially ended the war and recognized the United States as an independent nation. Now, our young nation faced its next serious problem. At that time, there was no official coinage and the thirteen early American states all used different forms of official or unofficial money ... >> Read More        
Wall Street

New Data Shows Inflation Is Still Hot, Hot, Hot

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Kind of like the uncle who keeps sticking around long after dinner has ended, inflation is proving hard to say goodbye to. Ten interest rate hikes later, the Federal Reserve still hasn't stuffed the inflation genie back into the bottle – as the central bank battles with the highest levels of inflation in the United States since the early 1980s. New data reveals that despite the most aggressive interest rate hike campaign in history – ... >> Read More        
Wisconsin Territorial Centennial half dollar

The 1936 Wisconsin Territorial Centennial Half Dollar

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In 1936 the Wisconsin Centennial Commission appointed a Coinage Committee to pursue the development and minting of a commemorative coin to celebrate and help finance the Wisconsin Centennial that year. The Wisconsin Centennial half dollar came at a time when the commemorative coin market was booming. This surge was due to previous commemorative coins that were minted in low quantities causing them to appreciate in value significantly. Many of these pieces sold at a premium ... >> Read More        
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What’s Going On With Gold? A Deep Dive with Blanchard Senior Portfolio Manager David Zanca

In 2023, there is a shining star in the financial world: gold is shimmering and bright. Since the start of the year, gold climbed as much as 10% higher, traded above $2,000 an ounce, and approached the all-time record high price for the precious metal. You may be wondering – what's going on with gold? To uncover what's driving the big move higher in gold this year, David Zanca, Senior Portfolio Manager at Blanchard, and ... >> Read More