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Only $361.03 of These Coins Were Produced (Face Value)

Investor Resources | May 12, 2019

It’s big, beautiful and very rare. It’s also controversial and was only minted for one year, which increases the rarity value of any survivors today. The 1793 Chain Cent is one of the first coins American collectors began acquiring in the 1800’s. Today, the 1793 Chain cent remains a highly sought after piece of history. […]

The World’s Longest Term Investors Are Buying This Now

Investing | May 9, 2019

Central bank reserve managers are buying gold right now. Lots of gold. What is a central bank? Merriam-Webster defines it this way: “a national bank that operates to establish monetary and fiscal policy and to control the money supply and interest rate.” Every country has a central bank. In the U.S. it is the Federal […]

The Unusual Journey of the Three-Cent Silver Coin

Investor Resources | May 6, 2019

American coinage often follows a strange path. Each piece minted has a unique, twisting history. This characteristic is especially true of the 1858 three-cent silver piece. The coin has origins in the most unlikely place: the post office. In early 1851 congress began discussing reducing the cost of postage from five cents to three cents. […]

3 Famous Coin Hoards

Investor Resources | May 2, 2019

For centuries people buried and hoarded coins for many reasons. In ancient times, many coin hoards were buried during times of war. Other coin hoards began in the wake of the Great Depression by those who distrusted banks and paper money and preferred to store their life savings at home. People who buried the coins […]

Nearly all Financial Analysts Today Agree on One Thing

Investment | April 29, 2019

While the most difficult days of the 2008 global financial crisis are behind us, the reverberations are still felt today. During that period of financial upheaval central banks took steps to increase the money supply by purchasing government securities. This practice, known as quantitative easing, lowers the cost of money. As a result, banks can […]