Rare Ancient Roman Gold Coins

The Twelve Caesars

It was a time of upheaval, political intrigue, civil war, assassination, and chaos. And through it all ruled the Twelve Caesars, an eclectic group of rulers who guided Rome’s transition from republic to all-powerful empire.

They are known today principally from one of the great historical works of antiquity, The Twelve Caesars, a series of biographies written by the historian Suetonius. From Suetonius we know that Caligula believed himself to be a living deity, Nero played the lyre and sang while Rome burned, and the balding Julius Caesar wore his hair in a comb-over.

Each of these 12 famous rulers issued coinage during their rule. The coins paid tribute to them, asserted their power throughout the empire, and financed wars.

The Romans had been uncomfortable with having living rulers on their coinage since overthrowing their kings in 509 BC. When Caesar issued the first portrait coins in his name in January 44 BC, he was thus making a statement. A month later, he issued a portrait coin with the title “Dictator for Life” on it, which crossed the line for some in the senate. A month later, a group of Roman senators stabbed Julius Caesar to death.

Coins carry weight and meaning.

Today – for the first time ever through Blanchard – you have the chance to purchase and hold in your hand the coins of these famous Twelve Caesars. These are among the most desirable ancient coins in the world, and building a complete set has been a rewarding challenge to collectors for centuries.

The Pride of Titus

Titus Bronze Sestertius Gold Coin

Perhaps our most exciting offering is the ultra-rare Titus Bronze Sestertius, which features an aerial view of the Colosseum and a portrait of the seated Emperor Titus. Begun under his father, the Colosseum – one of the Seven Wonders of the World – was completed under Titus. Gladiators battled to their death in this iconic landmark, the pride of Titus.

Fewer than five of these coins are in public hands – the rest are in international museum collections. Imagine owning such a piece!

Perfect Strike and Surface of Julius Caesar – Only Four of These Coins Rated Star in the World

Another marvel is our Julius Caesar Gold Aureus, with a perfect strike grade of 5/5 and a perfect surface grade of 5/5. You simply must see for yourself the brilliant luster and eye appeal that has survived for the past 2,000 years.

Julius Caesar Gold Aureus Gold Coin

The coin’s obverse features the veiled head of Pietas (Roman goddess of duty and devotion), or Vesta (Roman virgin goddess of home and family), and the reverse depicts religious implements symbolic of Caesar’s position as a supreme religious figure to the Roman people.

Graded AU Star by NGC, this coin is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a serious buyer. Don’t miss your chance to own a historical relic and the first piece in a Twelve Caesars coin set.

A Rare Portrait of Julius Caesar – See What He Looked Like for Yourself

Our silver Julius Caesar denarius is an extremely rare issue, designated Star by NGC for its phenomenal eye appeal and artistic engraving style. The coin features the wreathed head of Caesar on the obverse, and a stunning crescent moon between the letters PM, for Pontifex Maximus, the high priest of the College of Pontiffs. Caesar held this position, the most important religious position in Ancient Rome. The reverse features Venus holding Victory and the legend L AEMILIUS, for Lucius Aemilius Buca, the moneyer who had permission to mint these coins.

When you hold this coin in your hands, history comes alive. And when you own it as a collector, you will have achieved one of the most prestigious accomplishments possible for a collector. Only a handful of collectors ever in history will have this opportunity.

Fewer than 20 of these coins are known worldwide, and the majority (all of lesser quality) are in museums and institutions. But today you can own this outstanding specimen representing one of the greatest figures in human history.

These Three Coins Are Only a Subset of our Ancient Roman Gold Coins Available for Sale.

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We can’t wait to help you start, or add to, your Twelve Caesars collection – and hold ancient history in your hands.