U.S. Nickel and Copper Coins

Historically Significant, Excellent Value

Copper and nickel coins represent some of the first coins struck by the U.S. Mint. Although many collectors and investors forgo these small-denomination coins for rare gold and silver, the coins have excellent value and are growing in popularity as part of a long-term portfolio diversification strategy. Savvy collectors also recognize the value of adding this unique and historical category to their holdings.

Among Our Earliest Currency

The first cents and half-cents were struck for circulation in 1793. In 1857, when the price of producing and distributing copper coins had risen and these coins plummeted in popularity, the original half-cent coins were replaced by physically smaller coins that were more economical to produce.

Beautiful Precursors to Today’s 5-Cent Piece

Nickels represent a fascinating journey through history and feature a notably attractive design. Three-cent nickel pieces were first issued because their silver counterparts were often hoarded. Shield, Buffalo and Jefferson nickels were the forerunners of the 5-cent pieces in heavy circulation today.