The “Caviar of Numismatics”

Proof gold stands among the most profitable and elusive of rare coin market sectors. Being one of the scarcest of classic American coins that is also renowned for its incredible beauty, proof gold receives significant ongoing demand from the most advanced collectors.

Extremely Rare from the Start

Proof gold coins were struck in the U.S. between 1820 and 1915, but were not marketed to collectors until 1858. Mintages before that year were extremely small, typically totaling approximately 50 total examples, and survivors are very difficult to locate today.

Since gold is soft and vulnerable to damage, pristine examples of proof gold coins are even harder to find, placing them among the rarest and most valuable coins in existence. Even the wealthiest enthusiasts spend years trying to locate them, with many ending up disappointed.

The Quest for the Perfect Coin

The small mintages of proof gold coins allowed for extreme care to be taken in their production. Each issue was struck multiple times on carefully prepared, highly polished planchets, as the Philadelphia Mint’s most skilled engravers and pressmen worked to create a flawless coin. On many occasions, they came very close.