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The Growing Importance of Gold in the World Financial System

Gold | December 24, 2019

Since ancient times, gold has been an important medium of exchange, store of value and wealth building asset. In today’s modern world, it is gaining even more importance. Central banks around the globe continue to gobble up physical gold bullion for their vaults. Recently, the Dutch central bank publicly stated that they see gold as […]

What is Diversification 2.0?

Gold | December 19, 2019

Diversification is the first rule for any long-term investor. The idea is simple: spread your money across several investments. If one fails, the others will be there to pick up the slack. Diversification makes sense in any market. It is the time-tested strategy that is as fundamental to investing as gravity is to the world […]

The Most Valuable Shipwreck Find in History

Investor Resources | December 16, 2019

The Nuestra Señora de Atocha was one of the most valuable shipwrecks in history. The Spanish galleon was owned by King Philip IV before sinking into the ocean in 1622 during a hurricane. It carried an armament of 20 heavy guns. The cargo was so vast that it took two months to load the gold, […]

Gold as an Investment in 2020

Gold | December 9, 2019

Investors are starting to think about the start of a new decade. They have reason to question the future. Consider a recent move by Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. The company has placed a $1 billion bet that markets around the world will decline by March of 2020.   The bet comes at […]

A New Century, New Coinage: The 1830 Capped Bust Half Dollar

Market News | December 5, 2019

1807: It was a new century, and it was time for a new coinage. Who better to design our fledgling nation’s new coins than an immigrant to America? John Reich was born in Bavaria and learned engraving from his father, who taught him how to make medals. After Reich moved to the U.S., his work […]